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When you visit this site we will collect data that will personally identify you (“User Data”) e.g. when you use the site’s “contact us” facilities.
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Subject to the provisions of applicable law and for a small fee you may obtain copy(ies) of the User Data (if any) we hold about you by contacting us via the site’s “contact us” facility.
Additionally, if you wish to delete, deactivate or amend the User Data, or find out what User Data (if any) we are holding about you, please contact us via the site’s “contact us” facility. We will not sell the User Data to anyone, but, for the avoidance of doubt, the User Data may be transferred to a future purchaser of umrah-visa.com, all or part of the umrah-visa.com Group of companies and/or all or some of its assets.

We will not disclose the User Data outside the umrah-visa.com except as necessary to deal with matters arising from your use of the site and your contact(s) with us, or in the unlikely event that we believe in good faith that we are required to do so: (a) by court order or other legal/regulatory requirement; or (b) in order to protect our rights/property or those of our clients and/or their employees.
This site does not utilise cookies.

Your Consent:
by using this site you consent to umrah-visa.com, processing and transferring (both inside and outside the EEA) the User Data as necessary for us to provide you with and enable you to use the site and for the purposes referred to above.

6. LINKS :

Where this site contains links to third party sites you should be aware that we may not control the sites reached through those links. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of sites which we do not control.
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(b) Subject to paragraph (d) below, but otherwise so far as permitted by law, we exclude and are not liable for all loss, damage(s) and liability (whether or not caused by our negligence) for all wasted time, all loss/corruption of data, all loss of profits, opportunities, and goodwill, and all indirect, consequential and punitive loss or damage(s) arising from or in relation to use of this site and/or the information on it or any services provided through it, howsoever arising, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), statute or otherwise, and even if it was reasonably foreseeable or we have been made aware of the possibility of such loss/damage(s)/liability.
(c) Subject to paragraph (d) below, but otherwise so far as permitted by law, our total aggregate liability hereunder in respect of direct loss and damage and other direct liability, howsoever arising, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), statute or otherwise shall be limited per claim or series of related claims, to £100.
(d) Nothing in these terms of use shall limit our liability for:
(i) loss or damage for death or personal injury caused by our negligence; or
(ii) for any fraudulent misrepresentation made by us or those under our control.
(e) If you are using this site as a consumer then nothing in these terms of use shall in any way limit your statutory rights.


If one or more of the provisions of these terms of use are at any time found to be invalid by a court, tribunal or other forum of competent jurisdiction, or otherwise rendered unenforceable, that decision shall not invalidate or void the remainder of these terms of use. These terms of use shall be deemed amended by modifying or severing such provisions as necessary to render them valid, legal and enforceable while preserving their intent, or if that is not possible, by substituting another provision that is valid, legal and enforceable which materially gives effect to their intent. Any invalid or unenforceable provision or provisions shall be severable from these terms of use so that the validity or enforceability of their remaining provisions, or the validity of the provision(s) in question in any other jurisdiction shall not be affected.


These terms of use supersede all prior agreements, arrangements and statements (except for those for which liability is not excluded) between us with respect to your use of this site and constitute the entire agreement between us relating to the same.


We may alter, adapt or otherwise change these terms of use from time to time (for security, legal or regulatory reasons, or to reflect updates or changes to the services or functionality of the site) without prior notice. Your continued use of this site will constitute acceptance of those amended terms of use and you should review them before making any further use of this site.

11. ABOUT US :

This site is made available to you by umrah-visa.com Plc (Regd Branch Office: 84 Kingsley Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW3 1QA, UK. Company No. 3652563. VAT No. GB720479735) and is © umrah-visa.com. All rights reserved.
Our normal hours of business are 0900 to 1800 weekdays excluding Bank Holidays
You can contact us by writing to us at the above address or by using the ‘contact us’ facility on this site.


These terms of use shall not constitute or be deemed to constitute a partnership, joint venture or contract of employment between you and us.
You may not assign, sub-license, sub-contract or otherwise transfer or deal in any of your rights or obligations under these terms of use without our prior written consent.
Headings in these terms of use are for convenience only and are not to be taken into account when construing these terms of use.


We reserve the right to block your access to this site immediately and without notice if, in good faith, we believe that you have failed to comply with any of these terms of use.


No one other than you and us will have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these terms of use, regardless of whether such person or entity has been identified by name, as a member of a class or as answering a particular description. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this clause shall affect the rights of any permitted assignee or transferee.


Use of this site and the Service is governed by English law, and you irrevocably agree to submit any claim or dispute arising in relation to, out of, or in connection with this site (and any use you make of it or the Service and/or opportunities offered through it) to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


Any correspondence through non official channels with our team is strictly prohibited, only email correspondence from our official domain will be accepted. Polani Travel LTD will not take any responsibility for miscommunication or losses incurred if this happens.


a) All ticket(s) booked through us are non-changeable and non-refundable.
b) All upfront deposits are non-refundable.
c) Please note that it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the outstanding balance payment is paid within the due date, wherein failure to do so would result in the cancellation of your booking and forfeiting of the upfront deposit monies paid to us. Please ensure to update us about any payments that you make.
d) Cancellations / Refunds are subject to the guidelines / restrictions imposed by the airline company less our administration charge. Please note that the refunds are processed in 7-8 business weeks, and no refunds would be paid out, till the same have been received from the relevant airline / supplier.
e) All changes / amendments are subject to fare restrictions / availability of seats at the time of making an amendment.
f) All quotes are subject to availability and are not guaranteed, until the ticket(s) have been issued, irrespective of the fact that the full payment has been made, as airline fares and seat availability changes on an ongoing basis. Please note that ticket(s) are generally issued within 48-72 hours, on receipt of a full payment, however wherein the travel date is on the following day, the ticket(s) are issued and sent across within 12-24 hrs. If you do not receive your tickets within these time periods, please contact us straightaway.
g) As airline carriers prefer e-ticket as the most preferred mode of travel, hence no paper ticket(s) will be issued.
h) Passenger(s) are requested to re-confirm their booking(s) with either the travel agency / airline company 72 hrs. Prior to the flight departure time to obtain information about last minute changes, irrespective of the guidelines of the airline company.
i) Passenger(s) are advised to check-in at least 3 hours prior to the flight departure time (for International Flights) and 2 hours prior to the flight departure time (for Domestic Flights).
j) Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that all your travel documents are correct and good to travel with. This includes your e-ticket, passport, visa (if required), travel insurance (if required) and any additional travel document(s).
k) We accept no liability in the event wherein you are denied boarding or refused an entry into any country due to failure on your part to carry the correct passport, visa or other documents required by any airline, authority or country.
l) Travellers must ensure that their passport is valid for at least 6 months, from their return date of travel.
m) Passenger(s) travelling to The United States of America would need to apply for an ESTA Visa by visiting the U.S. Government website at : .
n) All the passenger(s) can be covered by a travel insurance policy to ensure protection against unforeseen situations. Please note that the travel insurance is not a part of your booking and hence needs to be purchased as a separate component. Please note that any claim made under the insurance policy would be governed by the guidelines of the insurance company and we would not be liable to accommodate any claims / request(s) from passenger(s) regarding the same.
o) All business to business transactions carried out on a credit card would attract a surcharge of 2% for over and above the amount (which in case of a refund would be non-refundable), however transactions carried out on a debit card, would be free from any surcharge. It may also be noted that documents such as copies of passport(s) / card(s) through which the payment was made could be requested, against unsuccessful / unauthorized payments, in order to verify the genuinity of the cardholder.
p) By not responding to this e-mail correspondence in 24 hours, you confirm to have accepted & understood, all the terms and conditions that govern your booking with us.
q) Passengers who have performed Umrah in 1438H, have to pay SAR2000 additional fees for processing visas as per Hajj and Ministry authorities.
r) Umrah-visa would process an application in adherence to the client's unique preference(s) to our travel advisor(s) or as given on our website, and hence we will not be responsible for any incorrect information provided to us, through any medium. Although Umrah-visa makes every best possible effort to obtain all the relevant and correct information within a specific period of time, however we deny to accept any responsibility, due to the following occurrences :
i. Refusal of Visa Application
ii. Denial of Visa
iii. Visa Issued with Incorrect passenger details
iv. Delay in processing times of the Visa Application
However, if any of the above have been caused due an error on the company's part, then our liability towards the same would be strictly limited to either the cost(s) involved of a replacement visa or else a full refund of the monies, collected by Umrah-visa. Please note that Umrah-visa will not accept responsibility for any losses (direct or indirect). It may also be noted that if in case we observe that the Visa Application has been rejected by the embassy for a valid reason, then we will refund your application in full, and within 14 calendar days of the rejection of application.
s) Umrah package once booked and confirmed after receiving the payment is non-changeable and non-refundable.
t) While all our efforts will be made to meet passenger requirements, sometimes an alternate hotel with similar type of rooms may have to be offered any rate difference to be charged accordingly.
u) 2 Children below 6 years can be accommodated free with Parent room but you have to pay for the breakfast directly to the hotel.
v) Umrah-visa will try its utmost to meet the departure / arrival dates of transportation and accommodation requirements by the customer, but reserves the right to make adjustments due to availability constraints.
w) Rooms, Rates and airfares are subject to availability and the same may change at time of booking.
x) Umrah-visa holds no responsibility if any suppliers change your hotel after confirmation due to any reason.
y) We accept no liability in the event wherein you are denied boarding or refused an entry into any country due to failure on your part to carry the correct passport, visa or other documents required by any airline, authority or country.
z) We accept no liability if there is any new law or rule implemented by the Saudi Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, passengers must comply with them.
aa) If you do not like the accommodation pre-reserved by your travel consultant, please note that those matters or problems in the hotel rooms are to be dealt with by the hotel themselves.
bb) Any new levies or taxes imposed by Saudi Government will be applicable in addition to the above amount.


By consent to this privacy notice you are giving us permission to process your personal data specifically for the purpose identified. Consent is required for Umrah Visa to process personal data to fulfil your travel requirements.
Where we are asking you for sensitive personal data we will always tell you why and how the information will be used if required.

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